Details about each project and more of my work can be viewed at Behance.net

About me

CG Generalist with love for colorful and fun things:)

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Hello, my name is Anna Nissen and I am a CG Generalist with a background as a Graphic Designer. I am 30 years old and live just outside of Aarhus, Denmark with my husband Niels and our little son.

I graduated in January 2017 from the The Animation Workshop in Viborg, where I worked on my bachelor project Less Than Human, a multiple award winning 3D animated short film.
I have been at maternity leave since January, but now I am ready to jump from baby business to creative business and is currently available for work.

My main interest is in modeling, texturing, rigging and compsiting, but I am comfortable with the whole cg pipeline. In the future I hope to work with 3D and graphic design on both short and long productions, making fun and exciting projects.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me via email or social media, if you have any questions/comments or just want to say hello:)